Vernon’s Allen makes his movie premiere debut

He’s conquered Canadian airwaves with a number of hit singles, and now Andrew Allen is “abducting” Hollywood as he gets ready to release his new album in the coming months.

Vernon’s Andrew Allen

Vernon’s Andrew Allen

He’s conquered Canadian airwaves with a number of hit singles, and now Andrew Allen is “abducting” Hollywood as he gets ready to release his new album in the coming months.

The Vernon singer-songwriter, who was signed by Epic Records last October, had his most recent single, Loving You Tonight, hit the top 30 adult contemporary charts in the U.S. this summer. The song is also featured on the sound track of new film Abduction, which has its theatrical release in Canada Friday.

Allen attended the premiere for the film last Thursday at Hollywood’s famed Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, sharing the red (actually black) carpet with the likes of the film’s stars Taylor Lautner (of Twilight series fame) and Lily Collins (The Blind Side).

Used to the spotlight –– on stage –– the constant flash of cameras, throng of celebrity reporters, and screaming fans was, to quote one of Allen’s songs, “amazing.”

“I started with an interview for Abduction Live, then proceeded to walk the red/black carpet directly in front of Sigourney Weaver. Those flashes were crazy,” said Allen. “I took a few interviews with various U.S. media outlets, including Perez Hilton. They actually asked if I could abduct anyone famous, who would it be? I said ‘Perez Hilton, though I worry he’d put up a pretty good fight!’”

Topping the grand entrance was the opportunity to star gaze once Allen made it inside the Grauman theatre.

“Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were seated two rows behind us. Taylor Lautner was a row over. Steve Buscemi was a couple rows back. The rest of the cast was seated in front of us. Sigourney Weaver was nearby… It was quite the event,” said Allen, adding, “The funny thing about people being behind us is at the premiere the nose bleed section is actually the front, which amazingly, we weren’t even that close to.”

Following the movie premiere, the majority of people made their way over to the after party, which took place in a nightclub on the 12th floor of the W Hotel just blocks from the Grauman theatre.

“The indoor space was awesome, but the outdoor space was spectacular,” said Allen, who performed three songs for the VIPs at the event and was introduced by the film’s director John Singleton.

“There were a dozen or more cabanas where the stars of the movie were put up in to entertain interviews, photos and generally just to get praised for a job well done. The whole patio was lit with lanterns and pyramid gas fires.”

After his performance, Allen went to thank star Lautner for having him involved.

“He was super gracious, and said ‘your song has a special place with me and Lily,’” said Allen.

The film is just one of many projects Allen has been a part of since his musical career has taken off. More recently, he has been in the studio with Vancouver producer Ryan Stewart putting the finishing touches on his first album under the Epic label.

He is still awaiting word from the label when the album will officially be released. In the meantime, he has written and recorded a new single outside of the album to be released in Canada any day now.

“The new single I have coming out is called I Want You and it should be hitting radio in the next week or so, with the video coming at the same time,” said Allen, explaining he thinks a lot of people will identify with the song’s lyrics.

“It’s those three words that we’re sometimes afraid to say to a friend that we maybe want to be more than friends with. It’s on the romantic side though, not the lusty side. It’s saying ‘I should have told you this before… Don’t leave, stay here with me ‘cause I want you.’”

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