Luke Mortenson and Cameron Lutz of Vernon band Paperboy release their sophomore album

Luke Mortenson and Cameron Lutz of Vernon band Paperboy release their sophomore album

Vernon’s Paperboy delivers The News

Band Paperboy releases their sophomore album, The News, in their hometown of Vernon with a show at the Talkin' Donkey Saturday, Dec. 28.

  • Dec. 27, 2013 5:00 a.m.

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If you like good music, miss the bygone days when music still had soul, or wanna get down and rock and reel to a Bo Diddley beat, then you’d better get your grits down to the Talkin’ Donkey Saturday, Dec. 28 for Paperboy’s CD release party.

The band has been haunting Vernon for just over three years and its members say they are pleased to be releasing their sophomore album, The News, in their hometown.

A year in the making, Paperboy’s Luke Mortenson and Cameron Lutz say they used a different approach in recording this album than their previous one.

“We’ve always been fans of early recordings, where the band was cutting the songs live off the floor, but we wanted to utilize modern aspects of recording, so we merged the idea of doing the skeletons of the songs live and then layering off those in the studio,” said Mortenson.

While the boys grew up in the barren wasteland of ‘90s alternative music, for The News they drew from traditional soul music, trading in shredding guitars and cheesy vocals for doo-wop grooves and simplicity.

While Paperboy’s sound is something hard to describe in one sentence, Mortenson takes a stab, saying the band sounds like a road trip to New Orleans with B.B. King driving, Little Richard in charge of directions, Bo Diddley fighting in the back seat with his little brother Otis Redding, and Aretha Franklin threatening to pull the car over if they don’t start getting along.

“We really wanted to make an album that paid homage to the music we love,” he said. “There is a tradition in both blues and soul of passing down particular passages or motifs and we’re just swimming in that stream for the whole album.

“I think the idea that you need to have a completely original idea is a little silly, at least as far as making music goes. You’re constantly influenced by what you hear all the time so we really just wanted to wear our hearts on our sleeves this time around.”

The boys also say they are going to be in good company for their CD release party.

“There is so much talent in Vernon,” said Mortenson. “Every time I get out to see a show I’m floored at the ability and maturity of the younger generation. So why not make the CD release a hometown affair? We want it to be a totally Vernon-driven night – a  southern barbecue of the town’s musical offerings.”

Opening the evening is up-and-coming group Amistad, who released their debut EP in June.

While Amistad is quickly rising as one of Vernon’s top acts whose members are all under the age of 18, Mortensen says they have crafted a sound that is purely their own.

“These young bucks have something really special,” he said. “Their passionate live performances leave little doubt in their audience that they are honest, passionate and ready to win your hearts and souls.”

Also opening will be The Dragstrip Devils.

“Straight out of the bowels of a ‘50s roadhouse juke joint, these cats are fixin’ to blow your mind. Their take-no-prisoners style of rockabilly is going to leave you dumbfounded. While their music speaks for itself, their stage presence is as much fun to watch as they are to listen to,” said Mortenson.

The all-ages show at the Talkin’ Donkey Saturday, Dec. 28 starts at 6 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at both the Talkin’ Donkey, next door to the Salvation Army Thrift Shop in the north end of Vernon, as well as at Eclectibles Quality Used Books & Vintage Vinyl Records in downtown Vernon.