Visitors start soundscaping

The Caetani Cultural Centre and Allan Brooks Nature Centre is presenting the current Fresh AiR artist-in- residence

The Caetani Cultural Centre, in conjunction with the Allan Brooks Nature Centre, is presenting the current Fresh AiR artist-in- residence Anna Glynn with biologist Peter Dalmazzo, Thursday at a public presentation.

The couple, who are from New South Wales, Australia, are the current artists in residence at the Caetani Cultural Centre and will give the presentation on both past and present work, including their newest project,  entitled Okanagan Valley Soundscape.

The two have teamed up for this interdisciplinary collaboration, working on a project based around the sounds of the Okanagan landscape both from nature and human environments.

During their time here, Glynn and Dalmazzo are undertaking an acoustic survey of the Okanagan landscape, collecting sounds throughout the environment, above and below water, terrestrial and aquatic, in a variety of ecotypes, forests and grasslands, urban and rural areas.

Dalmazzo will be creating a catalogue of sounds (the science) and Glynn will create a soundscape (the art).

The public is welcome to meet them both and hear their presentation at the Allan Brooks Nature Centre Thursday at 7 p.m.