The Vernon Senior Secondary School class of 1977 is remembering the good times of the 70s with this summer’s 40-year high reunion. (Photo submitted)

The Vernon Senior Secondary School class of 1977 is remembering the good times of the 70s with this summer’s 40-year high reunion. (Photo submitted)

VSS grads remember the ’70s

40 years after graduation, the class of ‘77 is ready to party and share memories and laughter

  • Apr. 12, 2017 3:30 a.m.

Do you remember CJIB playing your favourite songs such as Bob Seger’s Night Moves or Fleetwood Mac’s Go Your Own Way or Heart’s Barracuda? What about going to movies at the Skyway Drive-in or having lunch at Stedmans or buying records at Freddie’s Records?

If you do, then you must be a member of the Vernon Senior Secondary Class of 1977! The organizing committee is hard at work planning the 40th reunion for July 21 and 22. The plans are for an evening social at the Vernon Golf and Country Club July 21 at $30 per person, and dinner and music at Paddlewheel Hall July 22 for $75 per person. If attending both events the cost is $100. There will also be a tour of the new Vernon secondary school the afternoon of July 22. Deadline for payment is May 20.

Organizing committee member Kathleen (Sutton) Sparrow is excited about the positive response she has received so far to the information/registration that was sent out by email in November to the class of 1977 grads.

“However, there are a lot of changes in 10 years so we are missing some grads’ contact information such as phone numbers, email addresses or mailing addresses,” she said. “So if your relative or friend is a class of 1977 grad please let them know about the reunion and ask them to contact us so we can email them all the information. If they don’t have an email address we will certainly mail them the information/registration, but we need their contact information in order to do so.

“We do realize that some grads may have passed away and we would like to have that information as well.”

Committee member Rhonda (Whitney) Ransom said the use of technology has made a huge difference between organizing the 30th reunion and this year’s 40th reunion.

“The internet has made it a little easier to try to find people. We are using email for about 60 per cent or more for contacting former classmates,” she said. “It is definitely less work then having to send things by Canada Post. However, there are fewer people with land lines now, resulting in phone numbers not being listed in the phone book or online which is making it difficult.”

Ransom is also hoping that her former classmates who have pictures from the 30th reunion will send copies to her, as the committee has a limited amount.

They also pointed out that if you didn’t graduate in 1977, but would still like to reconnect with old friends, please contact them.

For more information, please contact Sparrow at 250-542-2032 or Ransom at 250-545-8869 or email them at

So if you pledged your undying love to Shaun Cassidy or the Bay City Rollers or thought Farrah Fawcett was the woman of your dreams, be prepared for a great weekend with old friends, remembering awesome times and listening to great tunes!