We need brains: Zombies invade Coldstream

Prepare to be visually astounded by a horde of mindless bloodthirsty zombies when Kalamalka drama students stage Night of the Living Dead.

Everyday is Halloween as Kalamalka Secondary School students Caileigh Doroshuk

Everyday is Halloween as Kalamalka Secondary School students Caileigh Doroshuk

You may think you know everything there is about survival, but you haven’t seen anything yet.

A hard as nails adaptation of the George A. Romero’s cult classic, Night of the Living Dead is coming to Kalamalka Secondary School’s Apple Box Theatre.

The Night of the Living Dead is a show put on by the theatrical production class at Kalamalka Secondary that will leave you entertained, and eating your brains, said Aiden Correia, one of the students involved in the production.

“Steeped in character and action, ripe with rotten flesh, and beating with the very soul of George A. Romero, this play will leave you with sleepless nights,” he said. “It will be forever etched into your mind as you become enveloped in the sheer intensity of the production at hand.”

Set in 1968, the story follows a ragtag group of survivors, Ben, Harry, Tom, Helen, Barbara, and Karen, who are holed up in an abandoned house fighting for their very lives against a terrifying threat.

The characters eventually rally together to bring down their common enemy. However, their differences may prove to be too much as they travel from living room to the cellar enduring explosions, garden tools, shag carpets and muted pastels.

A visit to the cemetery will have the audience up close and personal to the undead as the theatre is turned into a pool of morbid excess. (Younger viewers are warmed that some of the scenes are scary.)

Apple Box Theatre Company’s Night of the Living Dead runs from May 23 to June 2, with nightly showings at 8 p.m. except Sundays. There will be no show on Thursday, May 31. On Friday, May 25, there will be a midnight showing in addition to the evening show, and both a matinee and evening performance on June 2.

Tickets are available at the door for $5. Visit www.appleboxtheatre.ca for more details, or call Kalamalka Secondary School at 250-545-1396.