Jacqueline Douglas starts her new business Ladies Only Group Travel with a trip to Costa Rica next February.

Jacqueline Douglas starts her new business Ladies Only Group Travel with a trip to Costa Rica next February.

Women invited on adventure

Jacqueline Douglas thought nothing of taking off on an impromptu solo trip to Costa Rica two years ago, renting a jeep and seeing the country.

Now she’s inviting other adventurous women to join her in Ladies Only Group Travel.

“I went by myself because my husband couldn’t leave work then and I bet there are a lot of other ladies whose husbands can’t get away or don’t like to travel to the places they’d like to see, or groups of friends who would like to travel together. If you get 10 people traveling together, you cut down the costs and increase the fun,” she said.

Douglas has always traveled, with her parents as a child and later with her husband.

“I like history and architecture and I take pictures and write stories and submit them to travel magazines and also do stock photos for different sites,” she said.

“A lot of people think Costa Rica is a Third-World country but it is very peaceful with windmills for power and 25 per cent of the country as national parks. The people are very friendly and I felt safe. You can drive from the Pacific to the Caribbean in five hours and there are great beaches and jungle tours. There are more species of butterflies there than in all the rest of North America.”

Douglas has planned her first Ladies Only trip to Costa Rica for next February with a week at an all-inclusive resort and the second week at a luxury villa with maid service and meals provided. She works with Marlin Travel for the arrangements and insurance.

She plans to do three trips a year to different parts of the world with Australia, China, Spain, small ship cruises and an African safari in her dreams.

“I’m not getting any younger and there are places I want to see and I think a lot of women feel that way. I think women don’t travel on their own because they fear the unknown, they always think their husbands will take care of things, but we can do things for ourselves. There is trouble in the world but there is a lot of good out there. I refuse to let the world troubles keep me from doing what I want to do,” she said.

“I want to help other women enjoy seeing the world when they might be too afraid to take that step by themselves. I really hope the ladies in this area will be brave enough to go. Once they’ve done it, they’ll be addicted to travel.”

She has had a positive response to the idea of a women-only group travel and looks forward to getting the Costa Rica group together for a wine and cheese evening to get to know each other before they go on the trip.

“I know this will be a lot of fun, and, yes, we will go shopping. I’m open to suggestions of where women would like to go and when there are enough for a destination, I will arrange something. At the end of the year, I will donate a percentage to breast cancer research because it has been so prevalent in my family. It’s just a wicked disease,” said Douglas.

For more information call 250-558-4571.