Women invited to take the challenge

Rose Backman and Menza Bouwman present The Making of an Unstoppable Woman seminar in Vernon on Oct. 5.

Many women today are faced with balancing their busy work lives with their personal lives and often take care of everyone else first.

The Making of an Unstoppable Woman seminar challenges women to start putting themselves first with leading a more balanced and healthier lifestyle.

This personal empowerment seminar on Oct. 5 is led by Rose Backman and Menza Bouwman at the Best Western Lodge in Vernon, with the aim  of inspiring and encouraging women and teaching them techniques to help improve all areas in their lives.

“The Making of an Unstoppable Woman is a solid proven process to help you overcome unhealthy beliefs around money, weight and relationship issues,” said Backman. “You’ll be amazed how volunteers on stage shift their unhealthy emotions effortlessly in a matter of seconds.

“The steps of forgiveness shifts your life choices and the outcome is a clear mind and a desire for a healthy body.”

Backman said participants can expect a room full of empowered women, to talk, elevate and encourage each other to embrace the power of emotions, changing belief systems and the serenity that comes with embracing their authentic self.

Bouwman said women will walk away with a new understanding of their authentic self and a new sense of personal empowerment that will improve all areas of their life.

“There are so many personal development programs out there, and they deal with our professional, spiritual, and physical awareness, all with the intent of making sure we have balance in those areas,” she said. “However, one part of our life that is extremely important and that is rarely talked about, let alone mentored is our understanding and embracing the gift and power of our sexual essence and the mental, physical and emotional impact and effects on our daily lives when our authentic sexuality is not honored, nurtured and developed. Women won’t want to miss this very important event.”

The day includes a fun fashion show, lunch, prize giveaways and an opportunity to win a pair of Canadian diamond earrings.

“We want to thank our event sponsors, Rosebuds Designer Consignment and JC Bradley Jewellers for their support of authentic empowering of women in our communities,” said Bouwman.

A portion of the proceeds from The Making of an Unstoppable Woman will be donated to the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

Backman has more than 25 year’s expertise in natural health and her aim is to  empower women to stand up for who they are and what they believe in.

“As a woman you have immense power and a strong voice,” she said. “If you want to live more honestly, passionately and deeply, this seminar will touch you for a lifetime.”

Bouwman’s talent is helping others to explore all areas of their lives that they are inexplicably drawn towards through personal growth and awareness.

“Honouring our authentic sexual essence opens the door to truth,” she said.

To take The Unstoppable Woman challenge, tickets are $59.95. Special group ticket rates are available for $39.95/ticket for a group of five or more women. Tickets can be purchased by visiting www.authenticallyremarkable.com or contacting Kelly at 778-930-0538.