Workshop offers guidelines for self trust

Julie Larsen and Destanne Norris will lead workshop at Silver Star, A Date with Self Trust

There are endless situations in life where you need to trust in or rely upon another person or thing. However, when you have difficulty trusting yourself with even that decision, life becomes very confusing. If you do not feel completely confident with the level of trust you have for yourself, an upcoming workshop can help.

A Date with Self Trust takes place Sunday at Silver Star’s Pinnacles Hotel from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Develop Your Inner Guidance by Tuning in to Self Trust is led by keynote speaker Julie Larsen, a former school teacher who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1995. She will address this topic from her own experience of overcoming self doubt in all areas of life, particularly health, relationships, and career.

“When there is no other apparent remedy for an emotional or physical collapse or difficulty, you are forced to dig in deep to figure out what habitual and often subconsciously learned beliefs about yourself have precipitated whatever deemed ‘failure’ you are experiencing,” she said. “From my current perspective of the rights of self trust, the truth always lies deep within. It’s just a matter of trusting yourself enough to unearth it so you can upgrade or replace the old weighty false information with new higher levels of thought about ourselves.

“You’d be surprised at how much early information you have acquired from your parents, teachers, and siblings that is simply not true but which is so deeply ingrained, you are not aware of its role in dictating your choices and automatic responses to life situations. It’s very freeing to explore this part of yourself and to discover that the most difficult part is simply giving yourself permission to do so.”

Artist Destanne Norris will lead the second part of the program, The Creative Flow of Self Trust: An Artist’s Journey, with a visual presentation demonstrating her personal story of loss which led her to seek out the innermost depths of self trust which enhanced her artistic expression.

Larsen will wrap things up with a guided meditation where opportunity is created to “reframe”  one’s original personal misinformation, enabling access to a higher level of self trust and truth-based confidence.

For more information or to register — limited to 12 participants — e-mail or call 250-545-9044.