Workshop offers parents a guide to social media

Vernon School District invites parents to learn more about what is a fact of life for young people today

Interacting with friends online through Facebook and other social media is a fact of life for young people today.

“These connections are an integral part of the social life of today’s young people,” said Doug Rogers, substance abuse prevention counsellor for the Vernon School District. “However, many young people are sharing too much information online or inappropriate content.

“As parents, you can set limits and boundaries and teach your kids how to use social networking in a safe and enjoyable way.”

At a Feb. 26 workshop, Grade 12 Kalamalka secondary school students Jen and Kaely will show parents what sites kids are using and detail some of the benefits and risks of each site. They will also offer some advice on how to protect your kids when they are online.

The workshop takes place Feb. 26 at 7 p.m. at Vernon secondary school.

For more information, please contact Rogers at 250-549-6179.