Wrestling legend Mick Foley will be at the Vernon Performing Arts Centre Thursday to perform his one-man show

Wrestling legend Mick Foley will be at the Vernon Performing Arts Centre Thursday to perform his one-man show

Wrestler Mick Foley to perform in Vernon

Also known as Mankind, Cactus Jack and a variety of other aliases, the WWE champ brings his one-man show to town

The man of three faces brings his wit, wisdom, wildness and warmth to the stage in Vernon.

Mick Foley brings his one-man show, Hardcore Legend: An Evening With Mick Foley, to the Vernon Performing Arts Centre Thursday at 7:30 p.m.

“It’s a wrestling talk show. I’m absolutely sure that people will leave with a smile on their face,” said the Hardcore Legend.

The show is for all ages, but Foley still delves into stories of some of his most iconic matches for all the Hardcore fans out there.

“The show is great. It’s like being in the ring, there’s going to be a lot of laughter with a little emotion to it,” said Foley. “It is a blend of new and old stories that are accessible for everyone.”

Former World Wrestling Entertainment announcer Jim Ross once called Foley, “Unbelievably indestructible,” for all the punishment he could absorb while finishing matches with a blood-soaked, toothless smile.

The three-time World Wrestling Federation champion will hold a question and answer period along with a meet and greet after the show.

“Sometimes the best stories happen in the q and a,” joked Foley.

Foley is the retired wrestlers’ renaissance man. He has authored 10 books, four memoirs and four children’s books, occasionally done some voice acting and has toured the land doing comedy shows. He is thoroughly enjoying his time away from getting beaten with steel chairs and being set on fire.

“The shows are a great time and it doesn’t matter if they go bad, there is no way I can end up in the emergency room,” laughed Foley.

The hellacious characters of Cactus Jack and Mankind are scheduled to make appearances on stage. Foley doesn’t have  any roles for Dude Love, but you never know when he will emerge.

“That’s actually my favourite part of the show, having those characters out,” said Foley.

Although unlikely to happen in Vernon, Foley has welcomed current and former wrestlers on stage for an added element to his show.

Years after his retirement, Foley is still a dedicated wrestling fan.

“I still sit down once a week and watch. There’s a lot of good things happening in the WWE.

“I like guys like Damien Sandow, former members of The Sheild (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns) and Cesaro.”

Now living in Long Island, Foley’s wrestling days are far behind him. At 49 and a week after successful back surgery, he promises, “I will be prowling the stage cat-like.”

So instead of falling off 16-foot steel cages or getting DDT’d into a pile of tacks, Foley embarks on a film career while he continues with the tours.

Later this year he plans to start filming a few TV projects, and a documentary about the people who dedicate themselves as Santa Claus ambassadors airs this November.

As for the flannel cut-offs, Foley has somewhat steered away from them for now.

“I’m doing this thing where I have to wear Santa Claus-themed clothes for a year. The flannels will be out, but it will incorporate a Santa look,” said Foley.

Tickets are available through the Ticket Seller by calling 549-SHOW (7469).