Writer weaves old yarns and stories

Armstrong’s Norman Ouston has some funny stories to tell in his new book, OH MY! Now I've Done It.

Armstrong’s Norman Ouston has just written his first book

Armstrong’s Norman Ouston has just written his first book

Norman Ouston has done a lot of things in his life and he shares them in his book, OH MY! Now I’ve Done It.

Ouston, who lives in Armstrong and Mexico with his wife, Jackie, started by writing his tales in e-mails to family and friends. They encouraged him to put everything together in a book and he did just that, including photographs.

The chapters range from what is known in the family as the Shotgun Story, which happened when he was 11, to life on the farm, to dealing with Mexican spiders, to his creative 70th birthday plans to stretch himself back to full adult height. He tells about all the people, animals, machinery and things that happened to him along the way.

The casual, informal style of the original pieces makes for easy reading. He recalls his paragliding experiences, including a crash landing into a crocodile-infested lagoon, a 55th school reunion, having a Mexican friend visit Armstrong, a motorcycle incident and the many active years.

“A person who publishes his own work gives no guarantees that the quality of written material is the absolute best or there may be any prime delicate reading. There is no assurance of suitable substance for oral recitation, educational value or useful ideas portrayed. It is made up of just yarns and stories,” he wrote on the back of the book cover.

“Now you see, these yarns are but a few ramblings of an old dude who writes about things he should have done. Things he shouldn’t have done. And some incidences where he did something totally frivolous and ridiculous, but all with good intentions.”

Order copies of OH MY! Now I’ve Done It at norman 222@hotmail.com, by calling 250-546-8240 or writing 4820 Stepney Road, Armstrong, B.C. V0E 1B8.