Gearing up for SuperZip and SuperWalk

Gearing up for SuperZip and SuperWalk

Zipping along for SuperWalk

Help the Good Vibrations by riding the lines at Oyama Zipline in support of Parkinson Society Canada’s SuperWalk.

Peter and Jennifer Madsen, of Oyama Zipline, and their staff are harnessing collective energy to contribute to charity while encouraging people to get outside to walk or zipline.

If you like faster-paced fun and the idea of supporting Parkinson Canada SuperWalk, Oyama Zipline offers a solution.

“All proceeds from SuperZip will support SuperWalk”, said Jennifer Madsen of Oyama Zipline.

SuperWalk is a Parkinson Society Canada and its regional partners fundraiser taking place Sept. 12 at Polson Park in Vernon and Waterfront Park in Kelowna. Parkinson Society Canada donations are being collected at Oyama Zipline reception, then matched by the Madsens. As well, the proceeds from SuperZip will be donated to Carole Taylor and her SuperWalk Team, “The Good Vibrations.”

There are a few ways Oyama Zipline will bolster the “Good Vibrations” and ally with their captain, Carole Taylor, to help raise funds for Parkinson Disease.

“The team is led by an Oyama resident who has been diagnosed with Parkinson disease,” said Madsen. “We have a diagnosis in our family as well. This year we are partnering with Carole’s team.

“We will collect donations at our business and match those donations. As well, we will help with promotion and an event.”

The dozen or so ladies who make up The Good Vibrations meet throughout the year. They help each other through their “Parkinson Disease Journey” with empathy, laughter and supportive actions. They sometimes get together to tick-off a bucket list activity. Taylor said ziplining was a fun activity people can do even with functional limitations.

The purposes behind Parkinson Society Canada is to fund research into better treatment and programs for the more than 100,000 Canadians living with Parkinson’s. Support services, education and advocacy provided by the Parkinson Society will see greater demand in the years ahead. By 2031, the number of Canadians over 65 living with Parkinson’s disease is predicted to double. This significant growth in the Parkinson’s population in the coming years’ means that funding for research is vital to ensure better treatment and ultimately a cure.

“Our business chose to make major contributions, about $6,000 so far, to help provide essential programs to help the 12,500 individuals living with Parkinson’s in B.C.,” said Madsen. “It is a tradition for Oyama Zipline to support SuperWalk with an event for Vernon and Lake Country residents called SuperZip. On that day, Sept. 10, proceeds for zipline tours will be donated to SuperWalk.”

There are several ways that you can get involved in SuperWalk events taking place in communities across B.C. Besides attending SuperZip in Oyama, you can make a donation to SuperWalk online or at Oyama Zipline.

“If you don’t wish to walk or zipline, consider sponsoring a team such as the Good Vibrations on the website,” said Taylor. “With Oyama Zipline lending a hand in this project, we hope to exceed our fundraising goal of $5,000.”

For more information go to or call 1-888-947-2869.


Parkinson’s disease is a slow, progressive, debilitating disease and is one of the most common neurological disorders mainly in people over the age of 55. Some of the most common characteristics are muscle rigidity, decrease in postural stability and balance, tremors, fatigue and more. One of the most beneficial interventions that can help control the symptoms is participation early on in a well-rounded, enjoyable exercise program.

Parkinson Society Canada’s regional partner is the Parkinson Society British Columbia, whose mission is to address the personal and social consequences of Parkinson’s disease through education, outreach, scientific research,advocacy, and public awareness.

Nell Friesen is with the Vernon Parkinson Support Group and she calls SuperWalk the single most important provincial and national awareness and fundraising event for Parkinson’s disease. This year’s local walk takes place Sept. 12 at Polson Park.

“The Parkinson SuperWalk is set up so those of all ages and sizes as well as those who require the assistance of a walker or wheelchair can participate,” said Friesen. “We encourage family and friends to get involved by coming out and making it a social event with a brunch afterwards or bringing a picnic to enjoy while in the park setting.”

Friesen said once again, Rhona Parsons has taken up the challenge of another year of facilitating the SuperWalk.

“She is a fitness, health, and wellness educator with a varied and extensive background and brings a special energy to the event,” said Friesen.

You can register as a team or individual online at or pick up a pledge form from the Iron Heart Gym at #2, 5400-24th St., across from Nor-Val. You can also register the morning of the SuperWalk starting at 9:30 a.m. with the walk starting at 10:30 a.m.

For further information, contact Parsons at 250-318-8616, Friesen at 250-549-1580 or Bill at 250-545-2232.

Please call Friesen if you are unable to attend and she can arrange to pick up your pledge/donation.

The Vernon Parkinson Support Group meets the third Thursday of the month at 1 p.m. at People Place, 3402-27th Ave. The next meeting is Sept. 17. Everyone is welcome.