Enderby is ready for marijuana sales

Enderby is ready for marijuana sales

Enderby passes bylaw preventing marijuana-related businesses near schools, parks, residential areas

While Enderby hasn’t received any applications to open a marijuana business yet, Mayor Greg McCune said the city is ready.

Enderby council adopted a bylaw Monday night that regulates marijuana-related businesses in the city.

That means if you are planning on opening a marijuana-related business in Enderby, you’ll need a municipal licence to do so.

“What we’re trying to do is be a little more proactive and we’re hoping in the long run it works,” said McCune. “We haven’t said no to that type of business in Enderby, we just want people to come through the door and we’ll say here’s the set of guidelines that we’re going to require.”

The bylaw prevents marijuana-related businesses from operating within 100 metres of any residential zone, daycare facility, preschool, playground, community centre, school, park, civic or religious institution or any use that caters to people under age 18.

The bylaw defines a marijuana-related business as a business, not-for-profit, charity, cooperative, shared economy venture, or other entity which uses a premises for the consumption, display, storage, sale, trade or other exchange of marijuana or marijuana-containing products, including but not limited to dispensaries and compassion clubs.

With the federal government looking towards legalizing marijuana, McCune said he wants to make sure Enderby is ready.

“My gut feeling is that the average hardworking person in Enderby hasn’t had time to think about it yet,” he said. “But when it’s legalized, will it stop break-ins and theft? Probably not.

“Now you’re going to have a neighbourhood that you’ve lived in 25 or 30 years and you (potentially) have a drug dealer on either side of you, and all the onus is going to fall on the municipalities to regulate this.

“Mr. Trudeau hasn’t thought it through — I don’t know who is advising him but when the government needs the cash, it seems to be let’s just tax all the things we can.”