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Wildfire prevention work sparked in Vernon

Eastside Road thining and clearing uderway

Efforts are underway to clean up potential forest fire fuels outside of town.

Wildfire risk reduction work is underway along Eastside Road, in Okanagan Landing, this week, as part of the city’s ongoing wildland fire mitigation efforts.

Crews will be thinning, limbing, clearing and piling fire fuels on sections of Crown Land at the end of Eastside Road.

“This strategic fuel treatment work on Crown Land, adjacent to the City of Vernon municipal boundaries, will increase community safety and resiliency,” said Vernon Fire Rescue Services deputy chief Mike Walroth. “Once work is completed, the treated areas will have reduced fire fuel, which will help reduce the severity and intensity of a fire advancing from the south, should one occur.”

This is the first treatment of this multi-year project and further demonstrates city council’s ongoing commitment to wildfire risk reduction and public safety.

The project is being funded by the Forest Enhancement Society of BC and administrated by Forsite on behalf of the City of Vernon. The work will be conducted by Rider Ventures.

Residents and visitors are advised to adhere to any posted signs or instructions while crews complete this important work.

To learn more about the City of Vernon’s FireSmart program, or to book a free FireSmart home assessment, visit or email

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