Ted Fox Jr., owner of Fox Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electrical. For home service call 1-833-793-4569.

Ted Fox Jr., owner of Fox Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electrical. For home service call 1-833-793-4569.

Assess your A/C now, to stay cool this summer!

Ted Fox offers tips to save money and avoid emergency repairs when the heat hits the Okanagan

Is the heat turning your ice cream into a puddle? No need to scream, just call Fox!

“Now is the time to get your air conditioner tuned up and ready for summer,” says Ted Fox, owner of Fox Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electrical in Vernon. “Your unit may be functioning OK right now because temperatures are cooler, but that doesn’t guarantee it will be strong enough for the sustained heat of July and August.”

Just like an old car that’s great for short trips around town, but dies when you try to go on a long road trip over the mountains, your air conditioner can only handle so much.

“Your air conditioner needs to be the right size for your space. A small window unit is great for cooling one room, but if you ask it to cool an entire house when it’s 35 degrees, it’s likely to break down,” Fox says.

Now is a great time to have your air conditioner repaired or replaced. Visit foxandsons.ca/puddle for special promotions including $500 off a new A/C system and $50 off A/C servicing. Fox offers flat rate pricing (by the job, not by the hour) so there are no surprises. Before any work begins, your experienced Fox technician will explain all options so you can make an informed decision.

2 FREE ways to cool your house and avoid expensive repairs

  • Adjust temperatures gradually: “Air conditioners are meant to maintain cool temperatures, not blast cold air. Keep the thermostat constant, and don’t worry if the temperature climbs a bit throughout the day — it should catch up overnight,” Fox says.
  • Close windows and shades: Keep windows and shades closed in the summer, and open them at night when it’s cool. “Your house soaks up heat during the day, and then your walls, furniture, and other contents will radiate heat at night. The less your air conditioner has to cool, the better.”

Signs your air conditioner is struggling

  1. Ice build-up: Ice on the surface or inside your air conditioner indicates that the unit is undersized for the space you’re trying to cool, or that it’s in need of repair. Call Fox for help diagnosing the issue.
  2. Lack of cool air: It’s pretty simple — if your A/C is unable to cool your space, it likely needs to be replaced.
  3. High energy bills: If you notice a spike in your energy bill, it may mean that your air conditioner is broken or leaking. Don’t forget to replace your air filter regularly to protect equipment and improve efficiency!

“We contacted this company on a Friday, and on Monday they had someone out to our home to provide us with a free estimate to install an AC. Justin was punctual and professional. This company was very fast, great communication from start to finish, clean, and professional,” wrote happy customer Alex W.

For more home maintenance tips and exclusive savings, visit foxandsons.ca or follow them on Facebook. Call 1-833-793-4569 to request service for plumbing, heating, cooling or electrical issues, or schedule service online.

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