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Celebrate Electrical Safety month with these savvy tips

Keep safety a priority in your home with a whole home electrical safety inspection
Sue and Ted Fox, from Fox plumbing, heating, cooling and electric!

When was your home’s last electrical inspection? If it has been longer than 10 years, then consider this a reminder to schedule a home electrical inspection this Electrical Safety Awareness Month! An estimated 200 electrical fires occur in B.C. every year, causing an average of 12 deaths or injuries and significant financial losses due to property damage. The majority of electrical fires are preventable, and regular electrical inspections can help homeowners catch these problems before they escalate.

“Staying on top of regular home maintenance and inspections is a good way to protect your family, home, and investments,” says Ted Fox, owner of Fox Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electrical. “Just like with cars, catching issues in your home early on can prevent costly repairs and help you save money in the long run.”

Five electrical safety tips from the experts at Fox:

  1. Always hire a qualified electrician: No matter how big or small a job seems, always hire an expert. A qualified electrician is one who is licensed and insured!
  2. Don’t overload outlets: Too many plugs in one outlet can cause tripped circuits, overheating, and even fires.
  3. Watch out for signs of an electrical problem: If your lights are flickering, you have loose outlets, experience circuit breaker issues, or hear buzzing or clicking in your walls, it’s time to call an electrician! Left unaddressed, these signs can lead to an electrical fire.
  4. Stay proactive with scheduled electrical inspections: If it’s been over 10 years since your last electrical inspection (five years for older homes), then it’s time to add this home maintenance task to your to-do list.
  5. Use extension cords safely: Extension cords are intended for temporary use and should never be a primary source of power. Avoid using multiple cords together and don’t run them under rugs to avoid overheating.

Whole home electrical safety inspections:

During a whole home electrical safety inspection, experts from Fox will check things like:

  • Proper placement and function of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Verify arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) are operating properly
  • Ensure wiring methods are suitable for current use
  • And more!

Fox is currently offering whole home electrical inspections for $79 and 15 percent off any provided service options until July 31st.

Book your whole home electrical inspection today!

Fox Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electrical, has been recognized for Customer Service Excellence by the Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce and has been serving communities in the Thompson Okanagan since 1999. For service requests visit them online at or call them at 1-833-793-4569.

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