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Don’t let hearing loss sideline you from your favourite hobbies

4 ways hearing aids can help you live life to the fullest
Dr. Markus Hilbert, Au.D., Doctor of Audiology, resident Doctor of Audiology at Pardon Me Hearing, Kelowna.

On the fence about whether hearing aids are worth the investment? Many people continue to live with untreated hearing loss due to stigmas around hearing aids or a misunderstanding about what hearing aids can offer.

“Individuals who are feeling unsure about whether hearing aids are worth it, or perhaps still feeling embarrassed about their hearing loss should really be excited about what today’s hearing aids can offer,” says Luke Wiens, owner of Pardon Me Hearing. “Hearing aids today are amazing pieces of technology that can quite literally improve your overall quality of life in many different ways.”

Here are four reasons to get back to enjoying your life at full volume!

  1. Reconnect with family and friends: Hearing loss often results in a disconnect and isolation from loved ones. Many individuals are embarrassed to ask friends and family to speak up or repeat themselves. Hearing aids offer the opportunity to reconnect and look forward to social events once again.
  2. Get back to enjoying your favourite hobbies: Hearing loss often makes it difficult to enjoy doing what we love. From socializing on the golf course to sitting down for your favourite show or listening to music, hearing loss affects more than just hearing, it changes how you enjoy your free time.
  3. Support your long-term health: Untreated hearing loss can lead to more serious health complications. In addition to feelings of depression and isolation, studies suggest an increase in the risk of dementia in those with untreated hearing loss due to a loss in brain stimulation, for example. Hearing aids are an effective and easy solution to support your health, happiness and independence.
  4. Not your grandparents’ hearing aids: Many still picture the clunky hearing aids of the past when considering their own hearing loss. Today’s hearing aids fit neatly within your ear and come in a variety of colours, making them easy to conceal. They also offer more than hearing aids have ever offered before. Modern hearing aids can return your hearing to pre-hearing loss levels and connect to phones, tablets and televisions via bluetooth. They’re easily adjustable, ensuring you get an amazing experience every time you wear them, with some even fully waterproof nowadays, Wiens says.

Enjoy life at full volume again – book your hearing assessment at Pardon Me Hearing online today or over the phone at 778-478-3277 (Kelowna Location) or 778-475-4327 (Vernon Location) and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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