Colleen Clack is a mother bear to other businesses in Vernon, inviting them to cooperate at her new space, the Envy Centre

Colleen Clack is a mother bear to other businesses in Vernon, inviting them to cooperate at her new space, the Envy Centre

‘Envy’ entrepreneur brings businesses together in new wellness hub

Clothes, classes, skin care and skateboards: find everything fit and fun at the new Envy Centre

Colleen Clack has an entrepreneur’s brain. It started two decades ago when her video store boss decided to sell the store.

“I scooped it up and did amazing my first year,” she says. She ran that store until the bitter end of video rentals — which says something about her business skills — then moved on to a water store, and eventually Envy Apparel.

“I’ve always been in business, always been in fitness, and I’ve always dressed well,” Clack says, “That brought me into designing clothes that flatter all body types and suit the Okanagan lifestyle.”

Envy Apparel features quality clothes that can be dressed up or down to take you from the gym to the beach to the club, and keep you comfortable on the go. But Clack didn’t stop at clothes. In October she moved Envy Apparel to 17-100 Kalamalka Lake Rd, and started recruiting businesses to join her wellness hub.

“I wanted to create a community where everyone works together,” Clack says. “So often businesses are competitive, but I wanted to bring a whole bunch of different personalities together and get that feeling of positive energy as we work together.”

There’s so much to see and do at the new Envy Centre!

  • ClothesThe store that started it all, Envy Apparel, is still going strong. In addition to Clack’s own brand there’s quality fitness and fashion clothing from brands like Alo, Lorna Jane, and LabellaMafia. Look good and feel comfortable!
  • Classes — Barre Lab started as a home exercise studio on Kal Lake, and people can’t get enough. Now that the studio is in the Envy Centre, new owner Jaymie has doubled her space and can welcome waitlisted members! Drop in, buy a punch pass and get hooked on this low-impact, total-body workout.
  • Medical Skin Procedures —Brittany at OKGN SKIN CO offers microdermabrasion, chemical peels, SkinPen micro-needling, LED light therapy and other treatments to make your skin glow. She partners with Naturopathic Doctor Kristen Read who specializes in hormones, botox and fillers.
  • Permanent Makeup — Lynn with Define Permanent Makeup Artistry tattoos lip colour, eyeliner and eyebrows with her natural touch, and offers henna for those looking for something less permanent.
  • Healthy Meals — Chef Wendy cooks premium take-home meals that are clean, macro balanced, and clearly labelled with nutritional information to make healthy eating easy! Keto, vegetarian, bulking up or slimming down, Wendy has you covered.

Clack sees herself as the mother bear to a growing group of entrepreneurs, and she’s always looking for more businesses to partner with. When Okanagan Skate Co. closed their downtown store after a slew of break-ins, Clack was happy to welcome them to Envy Centre.

Rounding out the Envy Centre’s fun blend of services is reiki, massage and bi-weekly visits from a naturopathic doctor. Clack loves a nice mix of edgy attitude and wellness to help her customers stay healthy and happy!

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