Silencil Reviews – Effective Ringing in the Ears Tinnitus Relief or Scam?

Tinnitus is a serious condition affecting more Americans every day. Still, Silencil promises to be the number one product that can naturally deal with this problem. This dietary supplement claims to deal with the issue of tinnitus and reduce the symptoms of this health problem. This information is quite a relief seeing that tinnitus causes a ringing in the ears that doesn’t stop. Moreover, people who suffer from tinnitus have problems falling asleep and going about everyday life. This is because they always hear a ringing in their ears, and there isn’t anything they can do about it. Luckily, Silencil promises to offer them a solution.

How Does Silencil Work?

People reading this presentation must understand that Silencil is not a miracle treatment for tinnitus. So, it can’t heal the disease on the spot, especially if customers don’t use it as the manufacturer indicates. Instead, Silencil is only a health supplement that claims to help alleviate tinnitus symptoms by addressing the root cause of the problem with its potent 100% natural ingredients.

While many might believe that an external factor causes tinnitus, Silencil’s manufacturer begs to differ. According to the company that makes this supplement, tinnitus is not caused by listening to music loud or loud noises. So it seems that this condition is not even about the ears. And that much is true, as research

(1) suggests that tinnitus is a consequence of brain inflammation. Slight swelling on certain parts of the brain results in twitching and random electrical impulses. In turn, you hear a resonant tone that never goes away. Therefore, it’s the brain swelling that causes the ringing in the ears. The good news is that Silencil contains ingredients that address inflammation. But more about these ingredients in the following section of this presentation.

Silencil Ingredients and How They Work

According to the manufacturer, Silencil contains 28 efficient and safe ingredients that are 100% natural. In other words, this supplement doesn’t use harsh chemicals, which means people can use it without any problem because it doesn’t cause side effects. Here are the Silencil ingredients explained:

Hawthorn Berry

A potent antioxidant, Hawthorn Berry also contains polyphenols, different antioxidants that relieve inflammation. Hawthorn is present in the Silencil formula for two reasons. First, it can directly address brain inflammation (2) by fighting off free radicals. And second, it helps to improve circulation so that enough oxygen and nutrients travel to the brain.

Oat Straw

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners use Oat Straw for many purposes. This super ingredient in Silencil can control cholesterol levels and deals with urinary problems. Regarding tinnitus, Oat Straw is present in Silencil because it can reduce inflammation (2) and promotes calm while fighting anxiety.


The Skullcap in Silencil has anti-inflammatory properties (3) and can improve circulation. This plant is also a powerful antioxidant that traditional health practitioners have used for years. It can relax the body, ease headaches, reduce cholesterol levels, and deal with any mental pains one might have.


Scientifically called Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, GABA is a Silencil ingredient that supports mental health (4) by improving mood and reducing anxiety. GABA also influences serotonin. And serotonin is the hormone responsible for happiness.


The Ashwagandha in Silencil is not only a potent antioxidant but also an anti-inflammatory component (5) that reduces stress levels and fights off depression. Besides, Ashwagandha is a great male enhancement ingredient because it raises testosterone levels.

Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna Pruriens is another popular Silencil ingredient that can do wonders for mental health by enhancing mood and lowering stress. Moreover, this herb also increases dopamine levels. Of course, when dopamine is at high levels, there’s no reason not to be happy. But Mucuna Pruriens is present in Silencil primarily because it fights inflammation (6) and helps the brain remain healthy so that tinnitus is no longer an issue.


Rhodiola is a great stress reliever that helps the body manage cortisol levels so that anxiety is no longer a problem. And aside from this, Rhodiola also fights fatigue, improves brain function (7), and supports neural transmission.


L-Theanine is present in Silencil and many other health supplements because it stabilizes mood. At the same time, it promotes better sleep, lowers blood pressure levels, and improves cognition (8). All these benefits indicate that L-Theanine is great at helping anyone be sharper and increasingly focused.

Vitamins B1, B2, and B6

Many B vitamins, such as those in Silencil are responsible for the adequate functioning of most bodily systems. Without them, the organism wouldn’t be healthy, and the brain (9) wouldn’t receive the glucose it needs so much.


Chamomile is one of the world’s most relaxing herbs (10). For this reason, the manufacturers of Silencil have decided to use it in this formula against tinnitus too.


Who Should Use Silencil?

Silencil is a product for men and women who are 18 or older and have problems with tinnitus or hear a faint ringing in their ears. Children should take this supplement, neither breastfeeding nor pregnant new mothers. Silencil works for addressing tinnitus and its symptoms. However, this doesn’t mean people who want to prevent this health condition can’t use it, especially if they feel they might get it soon.

How to Buy Silencil?

Anyone can order Silencil from the product’s official website at the following prices:

  • 1 Silencil bottle (30-day supply) for $69
  • 3 Silencil bottles (90-day supply) for $59 per bottle
  • 6 Silencil bottles (180-day supply) for $49 per bottle

Customers who order 1 bottle must also pay a small shipping fee. The 3- and 6-bottle packages include FREE shipping. All Silencil bottles come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Therefore, people who use Silencil for 2 months and don’t think the product works for them have the option to return it to the manufacturer for a complete refund. They can send their bottles back to the following address:

  • 19655 E. 35th Dr. #100, Aurora, CO 80011

Silencil customer support service is available at: