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Why having a games night is a great activity for seniors

Games and puzzles can help keep our minds active and boost physical dexterity. Photo courtesy Silver Springs

Everyone loves a good games night, but did you know that it’s actually very beneficial for seniors to participate in games, and not just because they are fun?

Here are three reasons why having a games night is a great benefit to you or your senior loved one.

Memory and brain health

Card and board games are excellent for helping improve memory and brain strength. Stimulating the brain via colours, letters and numbers enhances brain function, and helps with age-related ailments, such as dementia. By playing games at your retirement residence in Vernon, you can activate your brain.

Hand mobility

Another great thing about games nights is that you’ll be able to work on hand mobility. Playing games require players to use different fine motor skills like grabbing, holding and laying cards or pieces down in an organized way.

Games are a great way for residents in retirement homes to keep their hands active and strong while also having fun!


Games night is a great way to form meaningful friendships and meet new people at a retirement home as residents have a common topic to discuss – the game – and can always turn the focus back to the game to help with any social anxiety they may have.

Games night is a great way to meet people who like similar things and develop new friendships. On top of meeting new people, games night is a great place to hang out and socialize with existing friends or just go and have fun playing great games!

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In addition to activities like games night, Silver Springs in Vernon offers a variety of indoor and outdoor amenities. Photo courtesy Silver Springs
Silver Springs retirement residence in Vernon has a well-stocked selection of entertaining games and puzzles. Photo courtesy Silver Springs