Jasmine Finlay

Jasmine Finlay

Vernon working mom enters council race

Jasmine Finlay seeks spot on city council

Urged by business owners, citizens and current council members to run, Jasmine Finlay has listened.

Finlay, a wife and working mother of a young son, has announced her candidacy for Vernon council.

Finlay has attended council meetings for two years and fully understands the responsibilities involved.

“There will be a fair bit of turnover in this election, and Vernon deserves councillors who are ready to hit the ground running,” she said. “Someone who understands what the job is and is willing to put in the work.”

Finlay is committed to proactive communication, reaching out to citizens and the business community to seek ideas and input on solutions before issues escalate. As a private citizen attending council meetings, she has made a consistent effort over the past years to meet informally with business owners, parents and community members to hear their concerns and discuss ideas and creative solutions.

Finlay is a certified permaculture designer, having studied water harvesting and erosion control, surveying, composting and other technical elements under two highly qualified engineers. She has a 500-square-f00t community garden plot in Vernon. She has researched sustainable urban planning strategies including “8/80” (Designing Urban Landscapes that Work for Both Young and Old), Vision Zero (strategies to mitigate inadvertent human error), and the City Repair movement (reclamation of public space and community building).

Throwing his support behind Finlay’s run is incumbent councillor Scott Anderson, who is seeking re-election.

“We need a council made up of people willing and able to take on difficult issues and make decisions that are not always popular,” said Anderson. “Jasmine has a first-class mind and is a rational thinker, but more importantly is able to think outside the box without losing sight of reality.”

Finlay believes that council needs a voice to speak for young families.

“If Vernon is to thrive, the city needs amenities to attract this demographic and provide health, fitness and recreation opportunities for all ages,” she said. “As the city contemplates the next big infrastructure expenditure, I intend to advocate for a cost-effective new recreation centre, starting with a pool.”


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