Two people with outstanding warrants were arrested in a stolen truck in Penticton that contained 'tons and tons' of stolen mail.

2 arrested in stolen truck that contained ‘tons and tons of stolen mail’ in Penticton

Mail includes people’s tax returns, T4s, and other important mail documents

When Penticton RCMP went to investigate a parked truck with a group of people passed out inside, they found much more than they expected.

Police recovered hundreds of pieces of important mail, letters, and tax documents after seizing the stolen truck the people were passed out in.

This all happened in the early hours of April 22. Penticton RCMP responded to call of a parked truck with people passed out inside. When they arrived, police recognized the truck as a vehicle that had been reported stolen. Both occupants were arrested on outstanding warrants.

“We have recovered tons and tons of stolen mail,” said lead investigator Const Ryan Creasey. The letters included people’s tax returns, T4s, and other important mail documents.

Police are encouraging residents to contact their various service suppliers if they expecting any mail from the week of April 10 until April 22 that has not yet arrived.

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