Baby Gia Gatzke was not only the first baby born in 2012

Baby Gia Gatzke was not only the first baby born in 2012

A milestone birth for family

New Year baby Gia Gatzke, born to Sarah and Rylan Gatzke of Lumby, makes family history as first female on dad's side in 117 years

Baby Gia Gatzke’s arrival is one for the history books.

Not only did she make the record books as Vernon Jubilee Hospital’s first born for 2012, Gia broke a 117-year-old record in her family.

She is the first female born on her dad’s side.

“My husband’s family tree goes back to 1895 without ever having produced a female,” said proud new mom Sarah Gatzke, of her first-born.

“So we were expecting it to be a boy.”

Although history would have traditionally proven that Sarah and Rylan’s baby would surely follow the same XY chromosome pattern, the couple left the outcome a surprise.

“We wanted to cling to the hope that it might be a girl,” said Sarah, 26, who lives in Lumby with Rylan, 30.

So when Gia Raelene was born at 1:59 p.m., weighing in at 7 pounds and eight ounces, she was a pleasant surprise to all.

Add to that the fact that she was the first baby born in 2012, and wasn’t actually due until Jan. 4 (just a day before Sarah’s birthday).

“It was a really nice surprise,” said Sarah, who was showered with hand-knitted gifts from the VJH Auxiliary and flowers from downtown Safeway.

Although currently on maternity leave, Sarah works in Vernon as a real estate assistant at Nixon Wenger and Rylan is a foreman at Preb’s Retreading in Lumby.

Gia is a granddaughter to Dennis and Cindy Gatzke of Cherryville, and Roxsy and Marcel Salvas of Lumby. She is also a great granddaughter to Roxsyna and Victor Prebushewski of Lumby and Theresa Richard from Vernon.

Gia is a niece to Nathan Gatzke, Melia Salvas and Danielle Salvas and Gary Ortman.