Aircraft incident occurs at Kelowna International Airport

Pilot suspected his plane may have a hydraulic leak

Emergency personnel responded to an incident at Kelowna International Airport Wednesday.

At about 9:28 a.m., the pilot of a private aircraft on approach to YLW advised the air traffic control tower that he suspected his plane may have a hydraulic leak.

“Kelowna airport’s aircraft rescue firefighters, the Kelowna Fire Department, B.C. Ambulance and the RCMP were on scene for the two-alarm standby,” said Jenelle Hynes, YLW spokesperson.

“The aircraft with three people on board landed safely at 9:36 a.m. without incident.”

YLW emergency crews conducted a routine check of the runway for foreign object debris while the aircraft taxied to a hanger for a mechanical review. No commercial flights at YLW were affected.