Alert issued after vehicle thefts

RCMP concerned about a rash of break-ins around Vernon

Lock it or lose it.

It’s a simple message that, again, the Vernon RCMP is issuing to motorists following another rash of theft from vehicles overnight Wednesday.

“Ninety-nine per cent of thefts from motor vehicles have been from unlocked vehicles,” said Vernon RCMP Cpl. Gerry Kovacs.

“There was only one case of there being damage to a vehicle.”

Kovacs, as recently as Tuesday, issued a plea to the public to remove valuables from vehicles, put them in the trunk and lock the vehicles after numerous thefts reported over the holiday long weekend.

He said that the trend is continuing, mainly in residential neighbourhoods as soon as it gets dark at night.

“A person can walk through a neighbourhood and check maybe 50 cars,” said Kovacs.

“It’s not like they’re spending time looking things over.

“They walk by a vehicle, check to see if the door opens. If it doesn’t they move on. If it does, they’ll have a look at what’s inside.”

Kovacs said thieves will take anything, from loose change to cameras or cell phones.

So far, nobody has reported seeing anybody breaking into the vehicles.

“If you see a person walking around a neighbourhood that doesn’t look familiar, or it doesn’t look normal or if you hear voices during the middle of the night, call the RCMP,” said Kovacs, adding that no area of the city has been exempt from the crime wave.

“It’s a city-wide problem,” he said. “It’s everywhere.”

To report suspicious activity, call the Vernon detachment at 250-545-7171.