Anderson happy with Kelowna West candidate

Vernon councillor says Mark Thompson great candidate for BC Conservatives

Scott Anderson

Scott Anderson

The interim leader of the BC Conservative Party is thrilled with the party candidate for the Kelowna West by-election.

Vernon councillor Scott Anderson said Mark Thompson is a man he’s proud to stand behind.

“The citizens of Kelowna West deserve better and they should demand better,” said Anderson. “In Mark, they will find an accomplished individual and a seasoned politician. I can’t think of anyone better able to present our common sense platform to the citizens of West Kelowna.”

Thompson had a long history with the B.C. Conservatives.

He has served in various roles including deputy leader of the party. He is a fiscal conservative, said Anderson, a forward thinker and an excellent communicator.

Thompson is a former three-term councillor for the City of Saskatoon with an MBA and owns several successful IT-related businesses providing solutions to the retail sector. He has lived in B.C. for more than two decades.

The by-election will be held Feb. 14. It was called after MLA and former Premier Christy Clark resigned Aug. 4, 2017. A by-election must be called within six months of the resignation date.