Antwerp Deep Well ready to use

Taps may be turned on for alternative source of water in Lavington

  • Aug. 3, 2012 1:00 p.m.

The taps may be turned on for an alternate source of water for Lavington residents.

The Antwerp Deep Well may be used as a supplementary short-term water supply during increased demands on the Duteau Creek source, and also an emergency backup supply.

“The Deep Well is a source of safe drinking water and was not contaminated during the 2010 incident,” states a Regional District of North Okanagan release. “Greater Vernon Water has worked closely with Interior Health and IH has approved the use of the Deep Well as a drinking water supply.”

The well obtains water from a source confined aquifer that is protected from surface water contamination by 40 metres of impermeable soils.

When it is in use, GVW will continuously monitor and perform daily checks to ensure water quality meets IH standards.

Signs will be posted in the area serviced by the well when it is in use. A more detailed map of properties service by the well will be available at

The well does contain manganese (a mineral found naturally in groundwater) but does not affect drinking water safety. The manganese may cause staining on laundry and plumbing fixtures.