Armstrong backs policing priorities

The city unanimously agreed to Supt. Reg Burgess’ two-page report

The RCMP’s top three priorities in its 2013 strategic plan are the same as 2012.

And that’s fine with the City of Armstrong.

The city, as a stakeholder partner with the detachment, unanimously agreed to Supt. Reg Burgess’ two-page report that lists crime reduction, communications and road safety as the top three priority issues for 2013.

“It’s part of their (RCMP) annual communication plan to talk to all North Okanagan councils,” said Armstrong Mayor Chris Pieper. “We’ll be pleased to sign this report. The RCMP are always very open to any contributions or discussions with any councils.”

In his report, Burgess said strategic planning is a process that projects and anticipates pressures and opportunities that will impact the local detachment in the coming year.

The plan identifies three priorities that will serve to assist the detachment in providing professional and effective policing to the communities in an environment of continuous change.

“It was unanimously agreed that the current priorities are serving our communities well, and that they will be carried forward,” said Burgess. “Our priority focus for 2013-14 will remain the same.”

Crime reduction will focus on youth through the RCMP’s Jean Minguy Memorial Youth Academy and ongoing support for the week-long camp, alternative justice measures and crime prevention.

There will be enhanced policing, foot patrols,undercover operations, as well police will target prolific offenders and marijuana grow operations.

Police will continue communications through media relations, interagency partnerships and internal communication.

Road safety will feature road checks, targeted enforcement and public education through such programs as Speed Watch.

“Each one of these initiatives has one or more work action plan in place to ensure our employees are fully engaged in policing activities which are in line with our priorities,” said Burgess.