Armstrong girl’s plant sale destroyed

Proceeds from the plant sale were to go to girl’s dream trip to Disneyland

Armstrong girl’s plant sale destroyed

A young Armstrong girl spent hours constructing a plant sale stand in her front yard only to have it vandalized.

“Woke up today (April 16) to see the plant sale my daughter spent hours on has been destroyed,” mother Jonnie McBride wrote in a social media post.

Lily, her daughter, was planning on putting the proceeds toward a trip to Disneyland.

“What kind of person would do something like this,” McBride wrote. “This makes me sick to think there are people like that out there.”

Community members asked if there was anyway they could help out.

One member of the We Love Enderby page asked if there was somewhere donations could be sent to help Lily restock and rebuild.

“I would in a heartbeat,” Maureen Gabert wrote.

Others asked if they could donate their own plants and seedlings to help get her restarted, while others questioned if perhaps the plant stand was destroyed by wildlife.

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