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Armstrong Seniors

Armstrong seniors wanted

Activity Centre looking to boost its numbers, offers seniors a social outlet

Even Santa Claus has a membership.

The Jolly Old Man joined the Armstrong Seniors Activity Centre, which is actively trying to increase its numbers.

“Right now our membership is down and we’d like to attract some new members,” said treasurer Nancy Visser. “It’s a good social outlet for those interested in meeting some new people.”

Present membership totals 54 (including Santa). Membership is just $12 annually to enjoy such activities as snooker (pool, billiards), playing cards, dancing, mingling, table tennis, day trips and pot-luck suppers.

The centre, located in the 2500 block of Patterson Avenue, is open to men and women aged 50 and up.

“We’re looking to make this an active activity centre,” said president Patti Ferguson.

Along those lines, the centre has been soliciting community input in three phases.

The centre hired consultant and former Armstrong resident Craig Monley of CW Consulting to collect input and prepare a report to help the centre move forward.

“The initial question the society had and has is ‘where are we now and where’s our future?’” said Monley.

“We looked at the broad community and broke it down into three large general parts for opinions: local government, service groups and clubs and input from churches and other large organizations that represent larger constituency numbers.”

Monley said talking to the various leaders in the community will lead to representative input from the community on how they perceive the centre and its future.

“We’re in the final phase of that,” said Monley, stating they held a broad community consultation three weeks ago.

More information can be found on the centre’s website,