Armstrong Spallumcheen Bottle Depot looks to expand

Armstrong Spallumcheen Bottle Depot plans to pop the top on a new building.

Armstrong Spallumcheen Bottle Depot plans to pop the top on a new building.

Currently located in the 3700 block of Pleasant Valley Road in Armstrong, the bottle depot is looking to construct a new building on the same location, and was granted by council Monday, a development permit and variance applications that will allow the building to happen.

“The owners are proposing to demolish the existing building and reconstruct a split-face block building to accommodate the expanding needs of the existing bottle depot,” said Coun. Ryan Nitchie, chair of the city’s planning

The application is requesting variances to a zoning bylaw so the bottle depot can reduce the required side- and rear-yard setbacks for the proposed commercial building.

It would also reduce the required off-street loading bays and reduce the required screening and landscape buffering requirements.

The depot will increase its floor area which will allow it to house all recyclable materials indoors, including e-waste, cardboard, wine and glass bags, all of which are currently left outside on a concrete pad.

While there were no written objections to the application, the Jong family – who have a neighbouring property to the bottle depot – expressed some concerns.

“The Jong property is zoned country residential so the future of their property is unknown at this time which raises a concern on what may be approved or what restrictions will be placed upon the property regarding rezoning adjacent to the bottle depot,” said Jong family spokesperson Al Harrison.

The Jongs also had concerns about the planting of cedar trees at the rear of the property and about further reduction of permeable surface at the depot.

“In the last 10-to-20 years, construction surrounding the Jong property has seen water levels continue to rise resulting in flooding of their fields,” said Harrison. “The Jongs would like to ensure with development there is no further increase in the water table level.”

Council and staff said the applicant has met all of the concerns expressed by the Jongs and unanimously supported the application.

Coun. Paul Britton was absent from the meeting.

Mayor Chris Pieper said it was his understanding that the depot’s owner would like to start construction on a new building “as soon as possible,” but needs to secure an alternate site first.