Armstrong taps into water funds

Armstrong’s gas tax agreement community works fund has received a top-up.

Armstrong’s gas tax agreement community works fund has received a top-up.

The Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) is adding nearly $82,000 to the fund, a payment made in accordance with a payment schedule for the community works fund set up through UBCM.

“We had $154,000 in that fund and our new payment, which was to have been in place Dec. 5, is for $81,987.34,” said Coun. Kelly Rowe, a member of the city’s finance and administration committee.

The money is targeted for the city’s water meter installation project and for updating the city’s water plan.

“The money can be used in any water or sewer project that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Rowe.

Few changes to committees

Starting in January, Rowe will become the chair of the city’s finance and administration committee, taking over for John Trainor, who becomes the alternate chair.

Mayor Chris Pieper announced some small tweaks to the city’s committee structures.

Trainor takes over as chair of the public works committee from Ron (Sully) O’Sullivan, who is now the alternate chair.

Paul Britton (community services) and Ryan Nitchie (planning and development) remain chairs of their respective committees, while O’Sullivan stays as the city’s representative to the Okanagan Regional Library Board.

Shirley Fowler, the alternate chair for community services, remains as the city’s representative on the Regional District of North Okanagan board.

“I hope you’re all happy with these appointments and given that I haven’t heard much from you over the last two weeks, I assume you are,” smiled Pieper.

Back in bloom?

Fowler is hoping the city will budget a small amount in 2013 to again take part in Community in Bloom celebrations.

The organization celebrates its 10th anniversary next year.

“I’m hoping we’ll be able to put a couple of bucks aside in the budget to bring back the excitement that gripped our community for four years,” said Fowler, who was part of the driving force behind Armstrong’s 2005 Communities in Bloom provincial win, followed up by a national championship victory in 2006.

Fowler continues to serve as a judge in provincial Communities in Bloom competitions.

“We could celebrate the partnerships and volunteerism that pulled a lot of new people to our community and to our schools, business and industry,” said Fowler, adding entry fee for special 10-year anniversary categories are as little as $100.

“It’s a good way to bring back the memories,” she said.


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