Armstrong urged to light crossing

An Armstrong neighbourhood has asked the city to upgrade safety measures at a crosswalk

An Armstrong neighbourhood has asked the city to upgrade safety measures at a crosswalk.

Residents of the Heritage Point community on McKechnie Drive presented council with a 78-name petition asking for improved measures at the crosswalk at McKechnie and Wood Avenue.

“The crossing in question is currently served by a marked crosswalk and a sign beforehand that warns there is a crosswalk coming,” wrote Lenna Peter and Tanya Normandeau in a letter to council. “Unfortunately, this has not proven sufficient.”

The residents say  the crossing is the first marked crosswalk when drivers come into Armstrong on Wood Avenue and it occurs on a blind corner for eastbound traffic.

They also state the corner on the McKechnie side is obscured by foliage most of the year, meaning pedestrians can’t see cars coming around the corner, nor can the pedestrians be seen.

“The warning sign for the crosswalk is in an odd spot,” wrote the petitioners. “Right at that time, drivers are looking to the left for oncoming traffic, not for a sign in the bushes warning there is a crosswalk ahead.”

The residents are asking the city to install a lit crosswalk with a flashing light further up Wood Avenue to warn drivers when pedestrians are in the crosswalk.

“At the very least, this intersection needs a warning light that can be activated by pedestrians to let drivers know there are people in the crosswalk ahead,” wrote Peter and Normandeau.

The city will send the residents’ request to its public works department to investigate.

“I’d like to see us have our public works manager looking into it and come back with a report to us in a couple of weeks,” said Coun. Ron (Sully) O’Sullivan. “Let’s see what we can do to help these people out.”