Art gallery waits its turn

Cultural facility will not be part of the Nov. 28 referendum for a new ice sheet

Culture advocates are remaining optimistic although it’s not known when their plans will go before voters.

The Greater Vernon Advisory Committee recently decided not to include a referendum on a new art gallery when residents go to the polls for an arena Nov. 28.

“Obviously the VPAG is disappointed with the recent decision to move forward to referendum for the expansion of Kal Tire Place without providing the opportunity to consider input on a dual referendum,” said Dauna Kennedy Grant, gallery executive director.

“We recognize there is urgency to this decision, but given our aging infrastructure, the public recognizes that investment in a variety of areas is needed. The gallery project has been well articulated and the public is deserving of the opportunity to vote for a well-balanced investment in the future of our community which includes arts and culture.”

Pressure will continue to be placed on GVAC to hold a gallery referendum as soon as possible.

We are optimistic, however, that in light of this recent decision, the VPAG facility project will now be prioritized and timelines established to move the project forward in a timely manner,” said Kennedy Grant.

Kennedy Grant also insists that there isn’t a conflict between culture and sports and the need for community support.

“The gallery is very aware that our community is in need of multiple projects for the health of our community,” she said.

“It is not our role to dictate what people should support or not support. We encourage a balanced approach to investment in our aging infrastructure reflective of the diverse community, this will include sports facilities as well as arts and culture facilities.”