Attainable housing proposal proceeds

Okanagan Crossing project calls for 214 units, with 88 of them attainable housing

A project that provides attainable housing could be moving ahead in Vernon.

Council has given provisional approval to changing the land use designation at 6468 Okanagan Landing Road from residential-low density to medium density.

The Okanagan Crossing project calls for 214 units, with 88  of them attainable housing under an agreement with the city.

“These would be the first ownership attainable units in Vernon,” said Cleo Corbett, long range planner, adding the units would sell for 15 per cent below market value.

“The proposal supports the attainable housing goals in the (city’s) official community plan.”

There could also be some retail space in the project.

Some concerns have come from adjacent residents and they include density, impacting the neighbourhood character, water table and traffic.

Corbett says the developer will consider heights and setbacks to address the public concerns.

“A traffic management study would have to proceed and be approved by the city.”

A public hearing to gather input will be held Oct. 22 before council considers final approval of any land use changes.

Initial support comes from Coun. Mary-Jo O’Keefe.

“For the Landing to develop, it would be good to have a neighbourhood with some capacity,” she said of having a larger population base.

“It enables better transit and some retail. Okanagan Landing school has had too few students and a development like this will help current infrastructure survive.”

Coun. Bob Spiers voted against the land use change based on concerns from nearby residents.

“Most of them are opposed to densification,” he said.