B.C.’s auditor general asked to remain for two years

Vernon-Monashee MLA Eric Foster supports the committee decision

Eric Foster

Eric Foster

At first they didn’t want him, but now they do.

Almost two weeks after a legislative committee voted not to give auditor general John Doyle a second term, it was decided Wednesday to ask him to remain in office for another two years.

“There’s been an ongoing discussion over the last week and a half,” said Eric Foster, Vernon-Monashee MLA and committee chairperson.

“We have to make sure we’re doing everything by the book.”

Doyle has not indicated yet as to whether he will accept the two-year extension.

The committee had been criticized for the decision not to renew Doyle’s contract after six years on the job.

The committee consists of three Liberals and two New Democrats and it’s been alleged one of the Liberals voted not to retain Doyle because he has been critical of the government. Reappointment must be unanimous among the committee.

Foster says a critical factor in the committee reconsidering its earlier decision was a recommendation from Premier Christy Clark  that Doyle be kept on for another two years and that legislation be changed so future auditor generals are appointed for eight years with no chance for renewal.

“The idea of the legislation is what got me to ask the committee to reconsider,” said Foster.

Foster has been criticized for chairing the committee determining Doyle’s fate when Doyle had expressed concerns about financial documents Foster filed about renovations to his constituency office.

Foster insists that didn’t play a role in the committee asking Doyle to stay on the job.

“I didn’t know anything about it (Doyle’s concerns about documents) when we made the first decision,” he said.