Band issues evacuation alert

Band issues evacuation alert

Some residents of the Okanagan Indian Reserve are being told to leave because of high water.

An evacuation order was issued Wednesday forJack Road-beachfront lots 19 to 31

Evacuees are asked to register at the reception centre at 250-215-1789.

This is just the latest evacuation order issued by the Okanagan Indian Band.

William Marchand Lots 1-6 (Issued May 22,)

Bobby Marchand, Sandra Saddleman, Darryl Marchand peachfront properties (Issued May 23)

Willow Shore Road beachfronts #1-20 (Issued May 23)

Naswhito Beachfront: Imtil Road lots 33 and 34-Alexis Beach on Sq/Q’im Road, lots #35-43 (Issued May 23)

3 Lots North and 3 Lots South of Whiteman’s Creek (Issued May 23)

Louis Estates beachfront lots 25-lots 66 (Issued May 23)