Kevin Babcock, BC Green Party candidate

Kevin Babcock, BC Green Party candidate

BC ELECTION 2017: BC Green candidate responds

Question: What plans do you have to improve the economy while protecting the environment?

  • Apr. 27, 2017 2:05 p.m.

Protecting the environment is no longer a cost, it has evolved into its own industry.

If we act early and inspire innovation, B.C. can become a major producer in environmental protection products, for example windmill and solar power production, energy storage units, new building materials – the list is endless.

These are all things that can be achieved anywhere in B.C.; they can build and stabilize communities in every corner of the province.

If we stay on our current path any longer and pass on becoming a producer, we will become a consumer, and that will get very expensive for us.

Only a Green government assures us that the old boom and bust model of extreme exploitation (which is causing more problems than just environmental harm) will be replaced by a new sustainable and balanced economy.

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