Be safe for Halloween

Vernon-North Okanagan RCMP want people to have a happy and safe Halloween Monday.

The RCMP want people to have a happy and safe Halloween Monday.

The local detachment has offered up some safety tips for the big night.

“Keep the path leading up to your door clear for the little ones, especially those with masks and limited vision,” said Gord Molendyk, RCMP spokesperson.

“Keep pets indoors on Halloween to protect them from hazards and noise.

“Be careful with candles in your pumpkin, consider using safety glow sticks. Nothing says creepy like a glowing jack-o’-lantern.”

It is important to remember when picking out a costume that safety should be top of mind.

Wear a light-coloured or bright costume, reflective tape or arm bands to heighten visibility. Wear a costume that is properly fitted to reduce the chance of tripping on it. Flame-retardant materials are advisable. Make sure your vision is not restricted.

Use make-up rather than masks. Masks may require that the eye-holes be cut larger for good vision.

“If a child’s costume requires the use of props, such as a flexible-plastic sword, make sure the sharp tip is cut off. Glow sticks are also an excellent method to increase a child’s visibility,” said Molendyk.

Before the kids hit the streets, it is important to know the route that the children plan to follow.

If you are unable to take them out yourself, consider asking another parent, an older sibling, and go in groups. Stay on the sidewalks (if there is no sidewalk, walk on the left-hand side of the street facing traffic). Do one side of the street then the other.

Bring all your treats home to be inspected by parents. Although tampering of loot is rare, remind children that they must have their candy inspected by their parents or guardian prior to eating them.

In Vernon, the use of firecrackers is strictly prohibited by law. You can get a permit to set off fireworks from the fire department.

If you have no permit, setting off fireworks could cost you a large fine.