Bee SAFE closing doors but remaining active

Efforts will continue to get residents and farmers to Bee SAFE despite office in Lumby closing in October

  • Sep. 23, 2012 9:00 a.m.

While the recently opened office is closing, efforts continue to get North Okanagan farmers and residents to Bee SAFE.

The Bee SAFE office in Lumby will close at the end of October, after opening in March 2012.

But outreach efforts will continue locally.

“We’ve identified over 350 supporters, sold as many signs, and helped many to grow food organically,” said Huguette Allen for Bee SAFE, adding that they also write regular columns and are invited to speak about GMO and pesticides at numerous events. “We’re working with landowners to restore the health of their farm after GMO and pesticides were used on it, and are helping others start food-related businesses.”

Since these projects, as well as others that are in the planning stage, require Bee SAFE workers to be out of the office rather than in, the doors will be closing to the downtown Lumby office.

“We’ll keep a presence via signs in downtown Lumby so everyone will know how to reach us, and we’ll have regular ads and columns in papers and on Internet,” said Allen.

Anyone interested in working with Bee SAFE can email or call 250-547-0272. For more information and to register for the regular E-newsletter visit