Big brother saves little brother from icy water

Big brother saves little brother from icy water

Vernon boys have unplanned adventure during spring break

Curiosity nearly got the better of a Vernon boy on spring break.

Thankfully, big brother was literally an arm’s length away.

Angel Corson’s two boys, Damien, in Grade 5, and Brady, in kindergarten, were enjoying spring break at home, in their Vernon housing complex, when a pair of children visiting their grandmother came by and asked if they wanted to go the complex’s clubhouse, which has a ping pong table and games room.

The four boys ended up going on ahead of the woman.

As the four reached the clubhouse, the two older boys went into play ping pong. The younger ones decided to go check out the complex’s swimming pool, which was full of water covered with ice.

Brady decided to test out the ice with his foot in the pool’s deep end. His foot slipped on the ice and on the ladder leading into the pool, and he fell into the frigid water.

“He was wearing his winter jacket, running shoes, sweat pants and a sweat shirt,” said Corson of her youngest son’s attire.

Damian arrived at the pool deck, saw his younger brother struggling in the water and grabbed his arms and pulled him to safety.

“They were all freaking out,” said Corson. “Brady was crying. He ran all the way home in his soaking wet clothes. The boys tried their best to tell me what happened but we were trying to get Brady’s clothes off.”

Brady is fine, said Corson, vowing “never going to go to the pool again,” though his mom suspects he will, for sure, go back.

As for the scare, Corson said she’s thankful her older son was Damien-on-the-spot.

“If he hadn’t been there, with the other boys freaking out, would they have pulled Brady to safety?” pondered Corson. “I don’t know what could have happened.

“We are thrilled to have a happy ending.”