The John Howard Society is looking to raise $500

The John Howard Society is looking to raise $500

Bill’s Place seeks helping hand

John Howard Society launches $500,000 campaign for an addictions treatment home

The community is being urged to rally behind those who are trying to regain their lives.

The John Howard Society has launched a $500,000 capital campaign for an addictions treatment home and apartments for men who are recovered and attempting to integrate back into society.

“Addictions recovery creates a healthy community,” said Barb Levesque, executive director.

The fundraiser’s goal is to ensure the society doesn’t have a mortgage for the 43rd Avenue site.

“We don’t want a mortgage so we can focus all of our resources on valuable programs,” said Levesque.

“We have no government support for this program. We are doing this all on our own.”

Bill’s Place, as the treatment home will be known,  will provide 10 beds for men who are trying to get a handle on alcohol or drug abuse.

“The addiction recovery programs in Vernon now are good but they’re not enough,” said Levesque of the need for Bill’s Place.

“There needs to be a broad spectrum of services.”

Bill’s Place is currently accepting applications for men seeking recovery from addiction.

After recovery, finding a place to live and becoming a functioning part of the community can be a challenge. That’s where the apartments will assist.

Rents will be kept as low as possible.

“We want to keep the apartments accessible,” said Levesque.

The society hopes to have the $500,000 raised in a year, and Levesque is confident local residents will understand that those using Bill’s Place could include their husbands, sons, co-workers or neighbours.

“I hope people will admit that they have people in their lives with addictions and they will find it in their hearts to think of the importance of this service to our community,” she said.

To donate, call 250-542-3555 (extension 203) or go to














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