Blaze destroys Grandview Bench workshop

Enderby firefighters ensure flames don't spread to nearby home

A fire that destroyed a workshop near Enderby is likely electrical in origin.

Enderby firefighters received reports of a vehicle fire on Hamley Road Saturday at just before midnight. But when they arrived, they discovered a large workshop fully involved in flames.

“We believe it may be related to heaters (inside the structure),” said Kevin Alstad, fire chief.

Hamley Road is in the Grindrod/Grandview Bench area.

“It’s just outside our coverage area but we continued to roll and we called Deep Creek fore backup,” said Alstad.

Inside the workshop was a travel trailer, a car, a horse trailer and several tools.

The contents created some challenges for the firefighters.

“Tires tend to explode. There were also some propane tanks that vented off,” said Alstad.

Little could be done to save the workshop, so the primary focus was protecting the adjacent residence.

“We hit one corner hard to keep on the exposures,” said Alstad.

It’s not known if the property owner has insurance.