Jayden McBride’s proud mother

Jayden McBride’s proud mother

Bloom students bid adieu to school

The 59 students graduating from the Lumby school gathered under sunny skies at the oval.

  • May. 27, 2015 9:00 a.m.


Special to the Morning Star

“I’ll be the mom with the smudged eye make-up.”

Gathered with other families and friends to celebrate Charles Bloom Secondary School’s graduation Friday, Debbee Werner wasn’t the only one flooded by emotion.

It’s that magic moment when your child, or in Werner’s situation, Amanda, walks across the stage to accept a diploma, looking all grown up.

This year, the 59 students graduating from the Lumby school gathered under sunny skies at the oval.

Under the trees, groups of family, friends and fellow students snapped photos to commemorate this day.

When posed with the question of what’s next, the responses, understandable at this point in the school year, included a lot of, “I’m tired of school and studying…I want to sleep in.”

Shayne Andrews and his buddy Chayse Mayne, decked out in tuxes, joked around but both agreed they’d look for a local job and figure their future out later.

Mayne’s mother Emily remembered her own graduation from Simon Fraser University.

A single parent, she was so proud when Chayse walked up with her to receive her hard-earned diploma. Chayse was four then and was so thrilled, he hugged the chancellor’s legs until the crowd applauded.

Jayden McBride said she has plans to attend Bible school, but after she travels to Australia and Switzerland.

As her mom Wendy Andres tucked tiny African violets into her braid, mom nodded confidently, “She’s going to do great.” And then she added, “I think she is better prepared than I was.”

For some today’s event will be the last family graduation.  Chyanne Barker was presented with a huge bouquet of roses and clung to those as she received a heartfelt hug from her great aunt Sharon Thibodeau from Sicamous.

Thibodeau said she’s attended 10 graduations and Chyanne is now the last in this part of the family line.