Boater disputes district claims

A local boater is questioning some of the waves being made in Coldstream over a regional boat launch report.

Coldstream council recently challenged the draft Okanagan Lake and Kalamalka Lake boat launch study.

The local politicians question the validity of the report and have requested that none of the report’s recommendations be implemented until there is further study.

One point Coldstream raised concerns with was the fact that the report did not address Kalavista boat launch.

“We spent $40,000 on a study and we didn’t answer any of the questions that it set out to,” Coun. Maria Besso said at the May 24 Coldstream council meeting. “The study was initiated because of the problems happening at the Kalavista boat launch.”

But local boater Lorne Pearson questions how Coldstream could be caught off guard by the fact that motorized boating at the Kalavista launch wasn’t included in the study.

He claims when the study was in its early stages, requests to Coldstream and the North Okanagan Regional District to include this specific launch in the report were denied.

“I had repeatedly asked them that motorized boating be looked at in the study,” said Pearson. “That was left out on purpose.

“And now they’re complaining about it.”

Pearson calls the study a waste of money.

The Morning Star would also like to correct an error in the previous article outlining Coldstream’s concerns. The article should have stated that the boat carrying capacity calculations in the report are based on 15 acres per boat (not 15 boats per acre).