Boaters urged to be cautious on Mara lake

Columbia-Shuswap Regional District issues advisory because of flooding

Boats on Mara Lake are adding to flooding issues.

The Columbia-Shuswap regional District is asking boaters to be courteous and conscience of the height of the wake caused by their boat.

“Boats travelling at high speed and close to shore can cause waves that increase water level as much as two feet resulting in increased flooding and damage to affected residents,” said Cathy Semchuk, with the Shuswap Emergency Program.

Environment Canada advises that the Shuswap area will be experiencing temperature fluctuations over the next week.

As of today (Wednesday), temperatures will climb into the high 20s with the highest temperature projected for Friday. This will result in a rise in the freezing level from 2,500 meters to over 3,800 meters, resulting in increased snowpack melt.

“A change of temperature will occur over the weekend with the high temperatures dropping as a cold low enters the area,” said Semchuk.

“Along with the cold temperatures, the outlook is for possible heavy rain and thunderstorms with the bulls-eye of the precipitation targeted for the Okanagan area.”