A green parakeet has been found in East Hill.

A green parakeet has been found in East Hill.

Budgie out of place

Green and yellow parakeet found roaming East Hill, owners sought

Treya Doga is used to seeing a flurry of sparrows, chickadees and other wild birds in her yard and amongst the feeders. But when she spotted a bright green and yellow parakeet wandering around she knew the little bird must be lost.

“We noticed it in the yard sometime early last week and thought, ‘oh what a pretty bird,’” said Doga, who lives with her husband Randy Jones in their East Hill home on 18th Street.

“He was walking around the yard with the other birds we feed.”

Even after going away for a camping trip, the couple returned to find the budgie still hanging around.

“He’s inhabited one of the sparrow’s birdhouses,” said Doga, who has since picked up some parakeet food for their new little friend.

As beautiful as the budgie is to watch, the Vernon couple is eager to return it to its rightful owner.

“We’re hoping to find its home, if not we’ll get a little bird cage and get it to move in there somehow,” said Doga.

Anyone who has lost a green budgie in the area can call Treya or Randy at 250-542-6385.