Burning candle responsible for fire damage to Enderby home

Fire department issues warning to public about sources of ignition

An unattended candle could have had potentially significant consequences for an Enderby family.

Firefighters were called to the 900 block of High Street just after 5 p.m. Monday.

“Black smoke was coming out of an upstairs window,” said Kevin Alstad, fire chief.

“A crew went inside and found a fire in one room.”

It’s been determined that a candle had been burning in a bedroom for about four hours.

“The (wax) droppings and heat got into a TV and lit it up,” said Alstad.

There was extensive smoke and water damage to the residence.

“It’s an older house and it could have been far worse,” said Alstad.

“The fire was contained to the one room and the house was saved.”

No one was injured during the fire.

Alstad is urging residents to be cautious with all sources of ignition.

“Pay attention to lighting a candle. Don’t walk away from them,” he said.