Bush party leads to home invasion

Lumby bush party gets out of hand, but that's not uncommon according to RCMP

  • Apr. 1, 2012 5:00 a.m.

Lumby police were left scrambling after a bush party got out of hand.

A March 24 incident led to some individuals being struck by a vehicle and then a family being allegedly confronted by a group of youth.

“It is not uncommon for these bush parties to result in assaults, motor vehicle accidents and vandalism,” said Cpl. Henry Proce, with the RCMP.

The incident apparently began when an individual attempted to leave a party off the Harris Creek forest service road. His pickup truck was swarmed by other people.

“Attempts were made to pull him from his moving vehicle in order to assault him,” said Proce.

“This resulted in the driver accidentally  striking three of the crowd with his pickup.  Fortunately, the injuries were comparatively minor.”

The driver fled the scene, but other participants at the party followed behind and broke into what they thought was the motorist’s house.

“Unfortunately, the unsuspecting family residing there was awoken in a fright and confronted by a group of very angry and intoxicated young males,” said Proce.

“Police were en route by this point and ended up making several arrests.”

Two men face charges of break and enter, assault and trespass.

Police continue to investigate.