Butt sparks blaze

Cigarette starts Coldstream fire, person involved sticks around to claim responsibility

A careless act of flicking a cigarette sparked a small fire in Coldstream Wednesday evening. Yet the person involved did the right thing and not only attempted to snuff out the blaze but stuck around to take responsibility.

Coldstream firefighters were called to a scrub fire near Graystone Drive at approximately 7:30 p.m. Wednesday.

“It was a kid who threw a cigarette into the rocky portion but it rolled into the grass and it caught,” said fire chief Shane Code.

“To his credit, he actually tried to put it out and ran to a house to call 911 and he stuck around. That’s how we know the cause.”

Code applauds the youth for having enough humility to take action and responsibility, something he suggests many adults wouldn’t do.

“If it had got away it could have been a problem because there’s lots of homes in the area,” said Code.

Lavington fire crews were also busy attending to a motor vehicle incident Tuesday evening.

A car struck a power pole on Highway 6 near the Petro Canada, tying up emergency resources for a couple hours.